Who We Are

18-7-2014_Review-On-Boarding_CS_01The preferred technology and business partner of small and medium businesses throughout Indonesia, Kolabo creates opportunities for growth through our innovative technology solutions, dedicated staff of experts and personalized client support.

We partner with clients and provide affordable technology solutions on a one-on-one basis to help grow their business. Our dedicated team of experts work directly with business owners professionally to identify and assist with their technology needs.

What We Do

6-5-2014-Onboarding_Photographer_1At Kolabo, we help you take advantage of the opportunity to do business online. We partner one-on-one with small businesses to provide affordable digital marketing solutions and personalized support to help them achieve their goals. Our dedicated team of experts work directly with business owners to create their websites, keep them up to date, and collaborate to drive traffic to their sites and customers to their doors. We also offer clients a range of other digital marketing services and provide timely best practice guidance to maximize the benefits of their digital marketing efforts.

Why Now

8-4-2014-Onboarding_Interview_1Internet usage in Indonesia has been rapidly growing over the last several years; in 2014, over 75 million Indonesians have daily access to the Internet (Markplus Insight Study). As Internet usage continues to grow, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to reach and sell to new customers locally, regionally and internationally through the Internet. To achieve this, businesses need to create and manage their digital presence and find innovative ways to stay ahead of their competition.

More than 95% of businesses in Indonesia are categorized as micro or small, and collectively they are by far the biggest engine for economic and job growth in the country. At Kolabo, we fundamentally believe that the best way to catalyze economic and job growth in the local communities is by empowering small businesses to actively participate in the emerging digital economy.

Here are just a few reasons to partner with us:

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